ClickCease Bot Zapping

Protects WordPress websites from harmful traffic | 2022


Nick Vasiliev | UX Design
Cooperation with Salant ID Studio


Bot Zapping

Bot Zapping protects WordPress websites from invalid traffic. It identifies and prevents bots from accessing websites by sending them to a 403 unauthorized page instead. With cleaner traffic the website performance improves and marketing efforts are focused on genuine customers only.

Patient Session

ClickCease platform (now Cheq Essentials) blocks harmful traffic from Google and Meta ad campaigns in real time and ensures that no damage is done to the user's advertising budget. The system blocks competitors, brand haters, bots, click errors, fake accounts and click farms.

Goals & Challenges


Design from scratch


Integrate the solution within existing platform


Ensure smooth onboarding and setup

Bot Zapping works with ClickCease plugin which users have to download and install on WordPress, and then come back to Bot Zapping and finish the setup. We had to think about how to remove as much friction as possible in the onboarding flow. In addition, we had to design the Bot Zapping tool from scratch and integrate it into existing ClickCease platform visually, functionally, navigation-wise, and gently offer it to new users.


The interface design and interactions with the system was designed in Axure. Several iterations were made until the optimal result was achieved.


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