I'm Nick – Product & UX Architect

I joined the industry about 8 years ago, and went independent 5 years ago. I had the pleasure to learn from the best and work on variety of B2C and B2B solutions for web, iOS, Android and Windows. I love cracking technological challenges and can handle complex systems. I've successfully cooperated with startups, established companies and design agencies.

My Vision

Research is Vital

Although it doesn't always seem so, research saves time, money and nerves, even on short-term time frame

Iterations and Testing

Iterations are very important in design process. Simplicity takes time to achieve. Always test to make the right changes at the right time

Omni-channel Experience

The consumption cycle can move between channels. The overall experience is a combination of those interactions

More at nngroup.com

Tech Ethics

Design with compassion for human vulnerabilities and needs. Your product should be about what's best for people

More at humanetech.com

Collaboration on All Levels

User-centered design should be integrated in the core of your business on all levels, coming from the top and down the chain

Thinking Outside the Box

People can't really think outside the box while sitting in the box (office). Get out to the field to get insights and inspiration

A bit more about myself

I'm interested in traveling and trekking, cultural events, music, tech, science, psychology, side projects, sports, photography. I can hold a conversation about almost anything. I have a good pair of hands, so I can handle many things. I believe in common sense, mutual respect, open mindedness and transparency. I live in Haifa by the seaside, and loving it. Forest is my second home. The clearest sky and air are up in the mountains. I'm always exploring new exciting things, but prefer quality over quantity. I almost never get bored. I try not to spend much time on social networks.